Xen Sams about OGPay

Enjoy financial freedom and trust with OGPay

See how OGPay works to make life better and easier for millions of people including millennial mom and iHeart Radio host, Xen Sams.

An Overview Of OGPay

Money Management

Xen Sams talks about how OGPay is revolutionizing personal money management by allowing you to perform all your money management tasks in the palm of your hands.

ATM Access

OGPay now offers direct cash-outs with nationwide ATM access

Enjoy secure cash-out transactions from the OGPay Mobile Wallet with no need for a physical bank card. Use OGPay to withdraw cash in ATMs nationwide.

Join The Fight

On innovation and
tech for a better future

Xen, Paul, Susan, and Nate chat innovation, how non-profits are jumping on the NFT crypto craze, the fight against human trafficking, Operation Underground Railroad, United2One and how it all fits together.

14 Eagles of OGPay

Connect OGPay to the 14 Eagles back office

Instructions on how to register and use the OGPay account for the 14 Eagles Platform.

Black Meta Fest 2022

Leading The Way For The
Future of Black History

Black Meta Fest is a virtual, week-long, educational and social festival featuring Black creativity and Black History with 7 unique themed days. Join us in the celebrating of Black legacies - both past and future.

FinTech's Social Impact

Innovation and Tech by Caldwell Soames

Paul Caldwell joined by Vetta Ridgeway will be talking about Fintech's social impact, cryptocurrency, tokenization and how OGPay is at the heart of it all .