Schedule of Fees

Mobile Wallet Pricing

Transaction Fee
Load funds from any US checking/savings account $1.00 per transaction
Transfer funds to any US checking/savings account $1.00 per transaction
Load funds from a Credit Card / Debit Card (limit of $500 per individual load daily) Charge of 3% of transaction amount is for Credit Card to Mobile Wallet transfer. Charge of $0.50 per transaction with a Debit Card to Mobile Wallet transfer.
Transfer funds to/from one Mobile Wallet user to another FREE
Transfer funds to OGPay Visa Card FREE
Request Funds / Micro Payments Merchant Processing FREE

Prepaid Visa (Virtual Checking)

Low cost, full service fulfillment

One low one time activation fee of $2.50 includes printing of card, embossing of customer's name, collateral pieces in mailer, envelope, stickers, OFAC check, postage and handling, and all costs associated with customers activating their card.

Prepaid Visa (Retail Pricing)

Type Retail Pricing
NO Monthly Maintenance fee Primary Card FREE
NO Monthly Maintenance fee Companion Card FREE
ATM withdrawal (US Domestic) $1.95 per transaction You may also be charged a fee/surcharge by the ATM operator or any network used to complete the transaction.
ATM withdrawal or balance inquiry (International) $2.50 per transaction You may also be charged a fee/surcharge by the ATM operator or any network used to complete the transaction.
ATM Balance Inquiry $0.50 per transaction Check your balance for free by logging into your online account or data app.
US Domestic / International use on the Visa Card network FREE
PIN Purchase

PIN purchase is completed by selecting “Visa” and entering your PIN to make a purchase. You can make a signature purchase at no charge by selecting “credit” at checkout and signing for your purchase (if requested to do so by the merchant). If credit is not selected:

$0.50 per Domestic transaction (no cash back)

$2.00 per International transaction (no cash back)

Replacement Cards $10.00 per card
ATM Decline $0.50 per transaction

* Cardholder may make a maximum of 2 ATM withdrawals per day with a maximum amount of $500.00 each.

Customer Identity Verification Requirements

To verify the bank account or Credit / Debit Card, there are two ways to link US Bank Account to your Mobile Wallet:

1- Instant Verification, in this process the verification is automatic via encrypted communication with the customer’s bank by providing your bank username and password when linking the Account.

2- Manual Verification in which two micro-transactions will be posted in the bank account the next banking day and you will need to verify those amounts under Linked Accounts.

A linked Credit / Debit Card is verified using micro transactions as well. This process is used to securely determine the account to be yours as well as to protect your credit card information. To complete micro transaction verification, select the card you wish to verify. Once the card has been selected, enter the 2 micro transactions that were posted to the specified card and click Verify. The amounts are between $0.01 and $0.15.

US Customers that wish to not have a greater balance on their account than $500.00 do not have to have their identity verified. If customers go through a quick identity verification, then they can keep a max balance of $20,000.00 on their Visa Card. To run identity verification, customers are just required to provide their Name, Address, SSN, TIN or ITIN.

International Customers have a maximum of $500.00 limit on their Visa Card.

International Move Money

US Customers can purchase additional cards and mail those cards to their loved ones anywhere in the world. Once your family member has a card you can then move money from your Mobile Wallet account to their Visa Card real-time and at no cost. Card holders can use anywhere their card anywhere Visa Card is accepted and can take out funds at virtually any ATM worldwide. This money movement technology costs a small fraction of the cost of all other money movement services. Plus all accounts have their own account number and routing number and all funds are even FDIC insured.

Limit of transaction through Credit Card or bank per individual

The limit to load funds from a Credit Card is $500.00 per day once you verify the Credit Card*. (Unverified cards can only load $5.00 per day)

* Limit subject to change

Account Balance Separation Strategy

Your Mobile Wallet account was created to be a savings account. The Visa Card has been built to be a checking account. The Mobile Wallet account and Visa Card account has been built so that they each have their own separate account balances for more versatility of use. Money can be moved freely from one Mobile Wallet account to another and money can be moved to the Visa Card in real time and at no cost to the consumer.