People need banking, not banks. I love OGPay for just that.

money management transformed
The most high value, secure and cost efficient way to use your money around town and around the world. Send and receive money globally for free. Pay for goods and services in person and online. Pay bills, buy and sell digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and more. Our multi-lingual multi-currency platform will have you up and running in minutes.

Personal Wallets

Merchant Wallets

Manage Your Money - Your Way
Use your OGPay mobile wallet to manage cash while earning 2% APY interest on your average daily balance. Request funds from others one time or on a recurring basis. Pay your bills one time or through recurring scheduled transactions. Add your bank accounts, credit and debit cards to your OGPay account knowing your cash is FDIC insured and your personal and financial information is secure.
A Terrific Trio
Mobile Wallet
Keeping your cash safe and secure in an FDIC insured interest bearing US Dollar denominated account makes the OGPay Mobile Wallet the obvious choice for millions of consumers around the world.
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FDIC Insured
No Monthly Fee on Mobile Wallet
Load money from Checking and Savings Accounts, Credit and Debit Cards and Cash around the world 24/7/365.
Pay your bills with one time or recurring scheduled payments
USD Denominated Global Mobile Wallet
Real Time FX across 53 currencies with zero fees
Real Time language conversion across 16 languages
Free Domestic and International Money Movement 24/7/365
Send money around the world using domestic and international wire transfer facilities built into your OGPay Mobile Wallet.
3D secure multi-factor authentication
VISA® DEBIT (Virtual & Physical)
Immediately upon opening your OGPay account you will receive a Virtual Visa Debit card available for immediate use anywhere Visa is accepted worldwide. During registration you can order a physical OGPay Visa Debit card which will arrive within a few days. Feel free to use both in tandem or whichever you prefer for any particular situation.
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FDIC Insured
$2.00 International ATM Withdrawal
$1.75 Domestic ATM withdrawal
Use your OGPay VISA® debit card anywhere VISA® is accepted
Move money from your OGPay Mobile Wallet Accounts to your OGPay VISA® Debit account instantly and for free
Get paid up to 2 days early with OGPay payroll deduction into your OGPay VISA® debit accounts
Withdraw funds from your debit card to virtually any ATM worldwide
Receive cash back and premium discounts when using your OGPay VISA® debit cards on select promotions
Digital Assets Portfolio
Immediately upon opening your OGPay account and funding it you can begin to buy and sell Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others with immediate settlement and all available in small fractional trades so just about anyone can afford to participate in building a digital asset portfolio.
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Makes buying and selling digital assets simple and easy
Cryptocurrency transfer, cyber, E&O and fraud insured
Buy and sell cryptocurrencies inside your OGPay digital assets portfolio with 24/7 real time price streaming and fully KYC, AML and KYT compliant accounts
Real-time settlement
Highly secure digital assets portfolio vault and wallet with no buy or sell limits
Transact at massive scale without massive cost. Orders for 50 BTC or more are subject to daily settlement, a 10% pre funding requirement and the potential for price slippage.
Fractionalized transactions accepted on all assets meaning you can get started in cryptocurrencies with very little money
Deep and immediate liquidity across all assets vs. industry standard fragmented liquidity
Transactions processed safely and securely by FDIC insured United States banks
MPC protocols provide up to 8X faster transaction speeds than industry average
Enterprise grade security simplified for storing and transacting digital assets
Experience the pure value of the world's most progressive personal money management system
Open an Account Now
Opening an account is simple and easy. Just complete the enrollment form on your computer or mobile device and you are on your way.
Download the App:
trust based onboarding
All applications for an OGPay account are instantly cleared for KYC and AML.
Our 3D secure and PCI compliant ecosystem ensures all account and personal user information remain encrypted, secure, complete and accurate.
Make Secure Recurring Payments & Set Reminders
Set recurring payments like mortgage or car payments by entering payment details in advance and get reminders when it is time to send or receive payments. Never miss another payment.
Build A Digital Assets Portfolio
Buy, sell and store digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. Immediate presentment of best real-time accurate pricing. Secure vault and wallet custodial storage of all digital assets with fast and secure transaction processing and settlement.
Protected, Secure & flexible
Protect your account and all payments with a passcode, TouchID or FaceID. Pause spending on your OGPay card with a click of a button. All of your information is stored securely.
checkout with just a click
With OGPay you can pay instantly by clicking the “Pay With OGPay” button in any online store shopping cart hosting the “Pay with OGPay” button.
Checkout anywhere around the world where APPLE PAY®, GOOGLE PAY®, SAMSUNG PAY® or PAYPAL-VENMO® is accepted.
Secure MFA Encrypted Transactions
Set recurring payments like mortgage or car payments by entering payment details in advance and get reminders when it is time to send or receive payments so you never miss another payment.
Receive your paycheck earlier than usual
Deposit your paycheck, government payouts, tax refunds, unemployment benefits and more by using the OGPay inbound ACH feature.
Stay Financially Connected With Friends & Family around the world
When you and all of your friends and family members around the world have OGPay accounts you can move money to each other instantly and securely.
OGPay is an Innovative icon of technology progress transforming how people think about personal money management
The New And The Now
The OGPay App is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.